My generation was born at a time when the system of Apartheid was slowly unraveling at the seems.  The internatinoal community had placed heavy sanctions against South Africa, stagnating its economy. Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and Oliver Thambo were becoming household names to families in Soweto, America and England, with black and white communities abroad taking to the streets to air their disconent for the opression of black people by Henrik Verwoerd’s government.

I have had the priveledge of watching the democratic  governement of South Africa (the ANC)  transform the social and political landscape of the country. “Freedom” is a term by which I can describe my journey from adolesence to adulthood – the freedom to receive a first class education, work in a developing economy and thrive in a new democracy.

My democratic vote is still new and yet is considered a valuable ticket to keep the current government on their poltical gravey train for many years to come. Each political party participates in their tug-of-war  in a bid to get my cross on the ballot.  Unlike our parents, political parties have to do more than capitalise on past achievements and appeal to our current needs. As a new political era in our democaracy unfolds, my generation is no longer comfortable with an attitude of apathy, we want to be part and parcel of the changes we desire to see in how our country is governed.

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