“Jesus comes to South Africa”


Religion vs politics

In 2009 aliens invaded South Africa in a sci-fi movie (District 9) much like the ones we consider to be the best pop-corn muncers from Hollywood. Director Neil Blomkamp captured the traversty of the Xenaphobic attacks on foreign nationals who are themselves considered “illegal aliens” by using extraterrestrials to simulate their lives.

But more than aliens, we have had other unexpected visitors on our shores and that is of the magnanimous deity of the holy trinity.

Often God the father or son makes his impromptu appearance in the middle of a tongue twisted ‘freudian slip’ briefly before or after an elections.

Just one year before Jacob Zuma became the president of the Republic, he made a passionate declaration to ANC supporters that the party “will rule until Jesus comes back.” 15 years of totalitarian rule had given the pary leaders confidence their their political hold would last until the end of mankind.

It seems that for this reason, Zuma has himself been treated as somewhat of a God – and behaved like one. The ANC has mastered the art of using religiosity to coerce modest South Africans into justifying their actions. “…even God expects us to rule this country because we are the only organisation which was blessed by pastors when it was formed,” said Zuma.

Last month, the country’s public protector, Thuli  Madonsela had relesed her findings of gross minsmanagement of public funds by SABC CEO Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Within days, religious leaders who have their affiliations with the ANC announced a night prayer to  “cast out” demons in her office.

Last week, the wrath of God was unleashed on  Madonsela, days after she had released her Nkandla report. Irony was at its best when former national police commissioner, Bheki Cele, declared that she should “stop acting as if she’s God.” He too was a victim of Madonsela’s when she discovered he had defrauded the state.

In South Africa, God favours the Godless.

The ruling party and its associates  have enjoyed years of kickbacks by virtue of public support. Year in and year out, millions of South Africa absolve their behavior in a form of blind patriotism.  After strategically eliminating any member of the ruling party who might oppose him  or stand as an alternative candidate for presidency,  Its no wonder ANC chairperson,  John Block  revered the president as being somewhat of a priest. “You are the only candidate we have left for the ANC,” he said, “walking (following) you like walking with God.”


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